OpenNMS Project

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OpenNMS ( Open Network Management System) is the worlds first Enterprise Grade Open Source Network Management platform. It is used by many large enterprises and service providers around the world to provide a consistent management solution across their entire network and ICT infrastructures. It is also used as a platform or embedded component by a number of software vendors who wanted to use OpenNMS functionality within their products. A  more technical introduction to the OpenMMS platform  is provided here

The OpenNMS Project has been running for over 10 years and was established with the aim of challenging the current expensive practices in the operational support systems market place. Users find that OpenNMS offers many of the features and scalability found in considerably more expensive solutions without the initial capital cost of software licences.

OpenNMS is Open Source and is fundamentally maintained by its community of users. Developing software is expensive no matter how it is done but the open source model allows the development of a sophisticated system to be amortised across a large number of users who contribute in different ways. One of the key values of OpenNMS is the global community who are often more than willing to give each other a helping hand to solve problems using the platform. One aim for is to help foster the development of the community in the British Isles and Ireland.

Many service providers spend up to 20% of their revenues on purchasing and maintaining their Operational Support Systems and the integration of these systems represents a huge tax on innovation. Integration becomes significantly easier when there isn’t a vendor holding a gun to your head who wont let you critically evaluate the options for extending their code. This is the nature of open source and is a key benefit with OpenNMS. Open source keeps us honest with our customers; we cant lie about what OpenNMS will do and we cant justify ridiculous estimates for making it do what you want. You can look at the code and make your own judgements.

Of course, the fact that the software itself is free, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost to deploying it. Users need time to architect and plan their deployment, install and configure their OpenNMS system and train their users. Because it is open source and has a helpful community, many users develop their expertise by deploying OpenNMS by themselves and are perfectly happy with the result. However, for larger more sophisticated users commercial support and training services are available which can considerably save time and risk on more complex deployments. Please contact us if you feel you need professional training, consultancy, support or custom development.