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OpenNMS Summer 2014 Workshops Report

At the beginning of the Summer of 2014 we ran a series of OpenNMS workshops in London, Birmingham, Rochdale, Dublin and Glasgow. Thanks first of all to all who attended and to Zen Internet and Airspeed Telecom Ireland who provided venues in Rochdale and Dublin.

ZenLogo AirspeedLogo

All of the presentation material and example configurations are now available on-line under each presenters name on our WIKI at Summer 2014 Workshops

The workshops were aimed at a wide audience, from complete beginners to advanced users of OpenNMS.  The introductory material included

  • A Business level introduction to OpenNMS (Craig Gallen): a broad introduction to the business benefits of OpenNMS
  • A 3 Tier Cloud Service Worked Example (Craig Gallen) : A worked example managing a cloud service using ITIL principles.
    (A video of this presentation is available at OpenNMS and ITIL – a worked example)
  • OpenNMS Basic Concepts (Markus Neumann): gives and introduction to the fundamental terms and concepts used in OpenNMS

More advanced material included a number of presentations from Markus Neumann to help with various aspects of using OpenNMS including

  • Category driven Thresholding: looks at how you can use categories to better target thresholds on devices
  • OpenNMS Cookbook: is a mix of examples and tips
  • Bridging The Provisioning Gap: introduces the Provisioning Integration Server
  • How To Contribute To OpenNMS: is a guide for confributing to the project

Last but not least, Jonathan Sartin has provided some material on his experiences of integrating OTRS into OpenNMS.

A big thanks once again to all who attended. We hope to run more workshops in the coming year and would appreciate any feedback as to topics to address.

OpenNMS Security Release 1.10, 1.12, 1.13

You are strongly advised to update your OpenNMS installation to its latest point release

The OpenNMS Project have released a security release for both the production (1.12) and development (1.13) branches of OpenNMS, and considering the impact, the deprecated 1.10 branch as well.

This release fixes a bug that could expose arbitrary filesystem data to logged-in users through the Web UI.

For details on the issue, see:

Note that this only exploitable by users who can log into OpenNMS via the webUI. For some of you this is limited and of little concern, but for others, especially those with LDAP integration, the problem could be larger. In any case, upgrading is strongly recommended. If you are already on the latest version of your particular branch, the new version should be an easy install with no configuration file changes.

Also, a reminder: as of OpenNMS 1.12.7 and 1.13.2, the way OpenNMS starts Jetty has changed, so if you have configured OpenNMS to use AJP,or used other esoteric tweaks to the Jetty configuration in, you will need to adapt them to jetty.xml instead. For details, see:

Tarus Balog

OpenNMS 2014 UK Summer Workshops

The summer 2014 workshops are now over but you can see a report and access the presentations here

Hot on the heels of this years North American OpenNMS developers conference, we will be running a series of UK workshops to share the buzz around OpenNMS with the local UK user community. Don't just expect to be lectured to. This will be a participative event. These workshops will stretch your understanding  of Operational Support Systems and help you to begin thinking through how you can adapt OpenNMS to address some of the key problems in Network and Service Management.

Same Workshop – Five locations

The same workshop will run at four locations around the UK and in Dublin, Ireland.

The workshops will run from 09.30 until around 17.00 on each day.


Standard rate:

£150 per participant  + VAT

(An early bird discount of 10% applies if you book by 13th June. Further reductions are available if you book more than one participant. See the booking tabs opposite.)

Discounted rates:

£90 + VAT for not-for-profits or Academic institutions.

£75 + VAT for existing OpenNMS support customers.

Presenters / Facilitators:

Markus Neumann - OpenNMS Europe

Markus has had extensive experience deploying OpenNMS in customers in Germany and around Europe. He is also a committer to the OpenNMS project.

Dr Craig Gallen Eng.D, MBA, MIET C.Eng  - OpenNMS UK

Craig researched his doctorate looking at the use of Open Source within the operational support environment. He has had extensive experience in designing and integrating full suits of Operational Support Systems against a variety of network technologies. He is a committer to the OpenNMS project.

London Workshop Monday 30 June 2014

Location: Room 2A University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY (

Eventbrite - OpenNMS Workshop Summer 2014 London

Birmingham Tuesday 1st July 2014

IET Aston Court, 80 Cambridge Street, Birmingham, B1 2NP, (

Eventbrite - OpenNMS Workshop Summer 2014 Birmingham

Rochdale (near Manchester) Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Zen Interent Ltd. Sandbrook Park, Sandbrook Way, Rochdale, OL11 1RY, (

Eventbrite - OpenNMS Workshop Summer 2014 Rochdale (near Manchester)

Dublin Thursday 3rd July 2014


Airspeed,15 Magna Drive Magna Business Park City West Dublin 24 (Map:

Eventbrite - OpenNMS Workshop Summer 2014 Dublin

Glasgow Friday 4th July 2014

IET Glasgow: Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DB, (

Eventbrite - OpenNMS Workshop Summer 2014 Glasgow

Workshop Overview

If you last looked at OpenNMS a few years ago, you might be surprised to learn how it has grown into a truly scalable operational support system which is now used in some of the most demanding environments around the world - a fact which is truly remarkable for a 'free' Open source product. The OpenNMS we all know and love is rapidly developing new features and capabilities, so much so that it is hard for the average user to keep up. We wanted to give you the chance to see for yourself the new or nearly complete features and help you think through how you could use them in your operations environment.

Although OpenNMS can be deployed 'out of the box' very quickly, customising it to best compliment your business processes is a more demanding task. In this workshop we want to introduce 'Newbies' to the latest capabilities of OpenNMS and also help 'Old Hands' to think of new ways of using their system. We are trying to pitch the workshop at a level suitable for evaluators, managers,  end users and systems administrators in order to encourage holistic thinking about how the business can best be served by an OpenNMS deployment.

Using a representative scenario of launching a new managed service, we will walk through the steps a business might go through to begin using OpenNMS for the first time to manage the new service. By doing so we hope to cover the following topics;

The Business - How OpenNMS can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the bottom line. Looking at the key benefits of OpenNMS and what it means for an organisation to effectively deploy a system.

Key New Features - Looking at some of the latest features in OpenNMS 12.6 and helping you think through how they can be deployed against a new service.

Unfinished works - Looking to the future, and hot on the heels of this years OpenNMS developers conference, we will  give UK users some insights into the OpenNMS roadmap looking at new features just introduced or nearing feature completion.

OpenNMS 2014 Developers Conference


The eighth annual OpenNMS Developers’ Conference, Dev Jam 2014, will be held at the University of Minnesota.
The Annual OpenNMS developers conference is a great opportunity for the key OpenNMS developers to get together and plan new projects. It is also a great opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute to the project to get started.

If you cant make it, I’ll do a blog post after the conference to tell you what happened 🙂


Sunday, June 1, 2014 through Friday, June 6, 2014.


We are once again staying at Mark G. Yudof Hall on campus. The building is just off of the Mississippi River and has nice views of the river. We will be set up in a large common room that includes a kitchen and opens onto a patio with picnic tables overlooking the river, and will also have access to a conference room and computer lab. The campus includes a beach volleyball court, basketball court, miles and miles of trails, and easy access to downtown Minneapolis.

For more information and to book a place go to Dev-Jam_2014

New OpenNMS UK site published

So the latest new is ... that there is now a site to host some news 🙂

Welcome to the new OpenNMS UK and Ireland web site.  This is a place where we will post events, training and other intersting snippets of relevance to the OpenNMS community based in the UK and Ireland.

(I was wondering whether we can still call it the UK - but that will be decided by our Scottish friends in a few months.)