OpenNMS In Ireland

We will be putting a lot more effort into building the profile of OpenNMS in Ireland. If you are a potential user of the project, please get in touch with OpenNMS UK we would love to visit with you.

Ireland has a very vibrant IT community and is a significant host to major European data centre operations including Google, MySpace, Yahoo and Amazon AWS. In September Craig Gallen attended the UK Network Operations forum UKNOF29 & Internet Society ION Conference conference in Belfast which was also attended by a significant number of Irish representatives. This showed the potential opportunity for OpenNMS in the Irish community.


OpenNMS has recently been putting a lot of effort into raising the profile of the project in Ireland. We already have a number of very supportive users especially Airspeed Telecom who sponsored an OpenNMS workshop in Dublin in October. Peter Hendrick the Technical Director of AirSpeed Telecom spoke about his company’s experiences with OpenNMS and Tarus Balog and David Hustace from OpenNMS gave an update on the status of the project.

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