OpenNMS Summer 2014 Workshops Report

At the beginning of the Summer of 2014 we ran a series of OpenNMS workshops in London, Birmingham, Rochdale, Dublin and Glasgow. Thanks first of all to all who attended and to Zen Internet and Airspeed Telecom Ireland who provided venues in Rochdale and Dublin.

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All of the presentation material and example configurations are now available on-line under each presenters name on our WIKI at Summer 2014 Workshops

The workshops were aimed at a wide audience, from complete beginners to advanced users of OpenNMS.  The introductory material included

  • A Business level introduction to OpenNMS (Craig Gallen): a broad introduction to the business benefits of OpenNMS
  • A 3 Tier Cloud Service Worked Example (Craig Gallen) : A worked example managing a cloud service using ITIL principles.
    (A video of this presentation is available at OpenNMS and ITIL – a worked example)
  • OpenNMS Basic Concepts (Markus Neumann): gives and introduction to the fundamental terms and concepts used in OpenNMS

More advanced material included a number of presentations from Markus Neumann to help with various aspects of using OpenNMS including

  • Category driven Thresholding: looks at how you can use categories to better target thresholds on devices
  • OpenNMS Cookbook: is a mix of examples and tips
  • Bridging The Provisioning Gap: introduces the Provisioning Integration Server
  • How To Contribute To OpenNMS: is a guide for confributing to the project

Last but not least, Jonathan Sartin has provided some material on his experiences of integrating OTRS into OpenNMS.

A big thanks once again to all who attended. We hope to run more workshops in the coming year and would appreciate any feedback as to topics to address.