OpenNMS and ITIL – a worked example


People sometimes ask us ‘Is OpenNMS ITIL compliant’, which is a strange question since it is your organisational processes which conform to ITIL, not your operational support systems. So it is more about how your use your systems than about the systems themselves. Recently we held OpenNMS workshops around the UK and Ireland and one of the presentations started to look at this question with a worked example of introducing a new service. To be honest, this example only scratched the surface but it does give you some pointers where to start. In this example I have taken a 3 tier WordPress cloud installation and started to think through how to manage it using OpenNMS . I hope to expand this example going forwards to begin pulling in other OpenNMS features to address other aspects of ITIL.

The presentation also illustrates how to monitor Varnish Cache using both SNMP and the XML data collector

The presentation video is available below and the example configurations and other material from the workshops are available in the workshop page in our public wiki here