Great OpenNMS User Conference

Well the 2014 OpenNMS User Conference is now over (sigh). 

I think it went remarkably smoothly considering it was the first item we had hosted it in Southampton. Any feedback on the venue and choices of venue for next year would be appreciated.

Thanks  to everyone who attended and made such interesting contributions.  The program was recorded and the talks and slides will be available on the OpenNMS Foundation Europe site

 Thanks are especially due to Markus Neumann and Ronnie Tromner who put such sterling efforts into arranging the program, taking the bookings and handling the finances.

Here’s a photograph of some of us on the boat trip –  looking very relieved it was all over :)

On the boat

Natilie Roseblade

We were very lucky to get Natilie Rosblade to sing for us during the Conference meal. It was lovely to have some female input into what turned out to be an  all male event ( can we get some ladies into the OpenNMS community?). I received nothing but compliments for her. So for those who missed it, here is some more…