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Latest News

OpenNMS for Government IT at SOCTIM 2014

October 29, 2014

OpenNMS for Government IT at SOCTIM 2014

Marketing OpenNMS to Government:- Traditionally Open Source projects don’t have much of a marketing budget and tend to rely on world of mouth or technical conferences to promote the value of the product. This has served OpenNMS well in the past but we are coming to think that the reason many technically inferior closed source products do so well is because of their ability to market to decision makers in the ICT sector.

Featured Post

OpenNMS and ITIL – a worked example

OpenNMS and ITIL – a worked example

People sometimes ask us ‘Is OpenNMS ITIL compliant’, which is a strange question since it is your organisational processes which conform to ITIL, not your operational support systems. So it is more about how your use your systems than about the systems themselves. Recently we held OpenNMS workshops around the UK and Ireland and one of the presentations started to look at this question with a worked example of introducing a new service.

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